About Nathan

In his work, Nathan combines a fine visual sense, mastery of the newest technology in photography, and an approachable, interactive style with subjects. The result is elegant imagery that perfectly projects a client's marketing message without a single word having been written.

Nathan has been fascinated with photography since the age of 14 and has developed the fascination into a fulltime profession with specialties in corporate, commercial, industrial and architectural photography. His personable manner and relaxed style provide him the opportunity to work successfully with a diversity of personalities in a variety of settings.


Upon completion of his degree in photography, Nathan studied French in Switzerland, traveled throughout Europe and developed an impressive portfolio of travel photography that included award-winning photos of the Carnivale Di Venetia in Venice, Italy. On his return to the U.S. and before settling in Tulsa, Nathan lived in Florida where he was associated with some of today's top fashion photographers and did work for such clients as British Elle, Vanity Fair, Stern and Thomasville Furniture.

Today Nathan's work takes him around the United States and abroad. Whether he's shooting portraits, Architecture, or speciality items, the final images always communicate their message.


Behind the Scenes

Whether its small productions or multi-day multi-location shoot there is always a lot of fun involved. Here's a few pictures of what goes into the making of the images.